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Immigration consultations are available

I do NOT generally do immigration cases. It’s not my specialty. I usually stay within the field of law i specialize in (divorce). Sometimes someone contemplating or filing a divorce does have some concerns about immigration and wants some advice (or a second opinion) about related immigration issues. I have done a few dozen green card cases. I have read books on the subject of immigration law. I do try to stay informed with immigration laws.

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I can give advice about immigration law. If you have a question about how a contemplated divorce may effect either a past or contemplated, or pending immigration matter, I often can answer your questions and discuss it with you. I can give you a good second opinion about immigration even if you plan to see a different (specialist) lawyer on that topic. I am honest. I will certainly tell you if I do not know the answer to a specific question. But often, I can give very helpful advice on the subject and if I am hired for a divorce, I am happy to provide some FREE immigration advice if wanted at no extra charge.




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