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One important area of expertise to enable a lawyer to do a relatively quick divorce is a knowledge of many counties' rules about venue (which are allowed to be different from each other's since venue is a procedural matter, not substantive law). That, plus a knowledge of which county is relatively fast or slow can often triple the speed a divorce can be done in. Also helpful to take advantage of such knowledge is the expertise to know the correct CPLR citation to place on the summons to justify the venue chosen. There is often some choice available as to which possible one venue to place a case in and when that occurs knowledge of such matters makes it possible to quicken or shorten how long an uncontested divorce may take.

There are many such examples of expertise acquired over time which do make a difference in doing even uncontested divorces well and relatively fast. A lawyer, like

myself, who has done thousands of uncontested divorces over 30 years has come across many unusual circumstances which can cause some unusually difficulties; though not all difficulties can be overcome, many can be if the lawyer knows how to do so. Even if a lawyer knows what is required to overcome a difficulty, it is not always easy or possible for the client to do what is required. But the opportunity to do so exists. Some examples of such difficulties which I have learned how to often overcome include the following:



  • If a defendent (spouse) resides outside the U.S.A.

  • If a defendent (spouse) resides outside the N.Y.S.

  • If a defendent (spouse) is in the military

  • If a defendant’s (spouse) social security number is not known

  • If a party does not have a social security number

  • If 120 days pass (after the index number is bought) before the defendent decides to cooperate

  • If the defendent (spouse) unexpectedly does not cooperate (but at least ignores the summons after its personally served on defendent by someone over 18, who lives in NY but not the plaintiff.)

  • If there exists a child of the marriage. but the noncustodial parents' income is not known

  • If the parties wish to opt out of the child support guidelines


Not every difficulty has a solution, but the probability of being able to solve it increases the more experience and expertise involving uncontested divorce which the lawyer has acquired.

I have done thousands of divorces since 1983 (the past 30 years).


I can give advice or a consultation about how immigration law can interact or affect each other if that is a concern of yours. I can also discuss how bankruptcy law and divorce law affect each other. I have knowledge of other areas of law which do sometimes interact with divorce law and can discuss them with you.


I can advise about, help negotiate, and I can draft separation agreements, post-nuptial agreements, or child custody agreements/stipulations.


I can represent you in a divorce (which is done in NYS Supreme Court).


I can represent you in family court. I do custody, visitation, and child support cases.


I can explain to you the technicalities of DRL 253, barrier statements, 255, health insurance coverage notices, 170 (1-7) grounds for divorce, automatic orders, and other terms which are routinely discussed in divorce papers and which may seem less than easily understandable to non-lawyer, but which should be understood.


We can discuss the difference between annulments and divorces and the related public policy preferences and related procedural differences.


I can help calculate the presumptively correct amount of child support or the available justifications (if applicable) for deviating from them, and the procedural rules for trying to opt out of them. I can discuss both the basic amount of child support and the add-ons such as childcare (babysitting), unreimbursed medical care for a child, and the child's educational expenses.


It should be understood that in a divorce in which a child exists, the courts do almost always require extra work be done no matter what you say so the legal fee would usually be at least a little higher. For example, DRL 240 and the law requires name searches to be done on the NYS databases involving orders of protections, child abuse, and other matters. Depending on what they find, a hearing can be scheduled by the court to discuss these issues. Names are common and such hearing can be scheduled sometimes just because someone else with a similar name appears in such a database. The courts usually require a child support worksheet to be done and a party's tax return (or information) to be provided. The court usually wants to see a certified copy of any existing family court order about child support or custody/visitation. The court often wants to be told the social security numbers and birthdates of any child. It is the clients' responsibility to provide the needed information. There is extra work involved when a child exists, but if everyone cooperates we can often still do a fairly simple divorce at a fairly low fee. I usually charge flat fees (instead of hourly rates which most other lawyers charge) to avoid surprises. I work hard, I keep my promises, and I can guide you through a process which otherwise can be even harder than it has to be. I can help make it simple for you. Ask me any question you may have. I take the time (even on the phone) to answer your questions and to help you understand the options and the procedures.


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I have done thousands of uncontested divorces since 1983 (for 30 years).

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